The team driving our cast and crew to bring their best come show week.



development team

It all starts when the development team gathers, usually well in excess of a year in advance of the show. With reflections on the success of the previous show the group sets about laying out all the essential parameters for the next show: structure, personnel, themes, style, story and more.

At this point the Director, Creative Producer and Script Writer work closely to flesh out a script, weaving together our story and our model walks.


The production team, which includes heads from every department commence regular meetings as the show begins to take shape.

Working in a collaborative environment the production team plan, organise and create all elements of the show based on the script: garment design, soundtrack, scenic elements, stage design, visuals, choreography, technical, hair and make-up design, and every other facet of the show.


2019 Development Team
Anne Pankhurst
Denny Spee
Tracy Preston-Lett
Marilyn Collins-Smith
Penny Davies
Jason Davies
Shelley Pullar
Sass Innes
Paul Innes

2019 Production Team
Anne Pankhurst - Producer
Denny Spee - Creative Producer
Tracy Preston-Lett - Exec. Producer
Marilyn Collins-Smith - Director
Josh Cassin - Technical Director
Penny + Jason Davies - Heads of Design
Vicki Reid - Head of Garment Design
Baz Mantis - Sound Design
Frances Rodriques - Choreographer